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Walkie Talkie (Universal Music Classical 2006)

   The Philadelphia apartment complex having its dark fantasy secret tale as the superintendent Cleveland discovering a naiad creature or Narf called Story stranded out from her blue world or the building’s pool needs to going back as soon as possible before the scrunts (wolf-like grass mean creature) finds her presence and attacking not just herself but the entire apartment inhabitants are at the stake for their lives to protecting this mysterious female beings as she tries to find a specific author whom shall written better books for humanity; the guardian, a guild and a healer as well sounded too confusing and mystic at the same time you watching the M. Night Shyamalan predicting a future president, Midwestern orator that changed the world or the symbolist reader to finding key or path for Story to successfully go back in a persistence timing.
   Lady In The Water is another psychological-based and subconscious materials that may causing the audience to questioning their own daily lives and the related background composing soundtrack from James Newton Howard like The Party, Ripples in The Pool, Cereal Boxes, The Great Eatlon or The Healing mixed within classics folkish tracks like The Times They Are A-Changin’- a whisper in the noise; Every Grain of Sand or Maggie’s Farm by Silvertide seems to get the stronger magic bounding towards the film scenes as the killing begins, the hunted survival plans their exact next moves to help Story back home underwater or the quietness shown before the furor temporary happiness over the invitations and loud music to the arrival of the invisible simian peacekeepers Tartutic and the great eagle as the helpful residents and Cleveland Heep giving a warm goodbye to Story – to finally, going home as those magical event didn’t exist the next day but it was.