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Vulture Agnes (Self-Released 2013)


   If you like how Horror-Punk makes your live getting worse day by day with the collection likes over The Misfits, Clabrese, The Epidemic to Glenn Danzig and Blitzkid or Zombeast - then these Atlanta’s five piece obscuring scary in make-ups crew of Ryna Cadaver (vocals), Derek Obscura (guitars), Cliff Damage (bass), Kevin Slayfield (guitars) and Tony 2 Skulls (drums) did their dark magic of bible belt rock horror full length as located by Sex, Blood and Rock N’ Roll recorded heavily fast by The Casket Creatures group.
   The only themed fits for Halloween or any occasional dark days celebrations with sacrificial or ritual in blood bath to monstrous figures shows might be handled carefully without care via Curse of The Mummy’s Tomb, Black Widow Bride, Lizzie’s Song, Bat’s Blood and Bitches Devil’s Day onto Love Decay must be your choice to the sleep-over on an abandoned house next to the graveyard with your strange but sexy dead friends talking about rotting things and B-Movie Massacre !

Sex, Blood and Rock N' Roll: