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VMA Day (Cascade Records 2016)

   Training Jazz oscillates as Neo-Soul or Funk chill sounds consciously calling over the music releases by this Montreal pianist designs his influenced creations under the motion-captures taken from A Tribe Called Quest as provides the modern blending on Old-School media melting-pot – a French Hip-Hop producer called Ghostnaut collaborating with Azeem – the poet of Brooklyn or rapper Raashan Ahmad as this project worked-out in between the distance of Welling ton to Canada which sounded like real Jazz-Pop and quality Hip-Hop – listened for the relaxing chill moments while waiting for the bartender to mix your ordering beverages mostly based on alcohol while Punny’s Prelude with David Bridet for strings, Lips Moye (feat. Azeem) or Mozambique (feat. Raashan Ahmad) and more out of thus seven smoothly, rising your libido to either getting drunk first before laid down or another.

Lips Move: