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Valgus 11:04 (Self-Released 2018)

On vocals – Alex Coombes, drummer Gene Perrett, for the bass player Daniel Franklin and guitarist duet dueling Brad McIennan and Matt Goliathly from Perth, Australia brought their presence of true long-term and essential Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal onto the symphonic measurements within the grooves power and mighty influences from older names of pioneers like Alice In Chain, Metallica, Karnivool, Free to Led Zeppelin and Tool as this How To Equine Died album being released.

It’s like the dragging of their productive bashing sounded album releases as the mysterious man did the same to the oil tanker ship over a desert land of this planet parts within less inhabitants and more sorrow story following the scene viewing by those tracks of tales rocking loud through Kor, You Weren’t Meant to Like This Parade, 80 and Catharsis or J.A.N.E driving the listeners to see the big picture about what’s really happening to our beloved home that time – then …

How To Equine Died: