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Unhand Fend It Off (Epic/Sony Music 2001)

   One might not recognizing him as the alias of Carpenter Newton but for the ordinary causes proposing by himself without his infamous Grunge legends – Pearl Jam, Stone Carpenter Gossard would still be that American guitarist from Seattle, Washington as he loves to prior his works and interests as a social civic activist as well as good musician whom went soloing as first Pearl Jam members by releasing his own personal works and written tunes through Bayleaf. Showing Stone Gossard as an influential talented multi-instrumentalist musician for contribute the piano and drums performance within vocals, bass and of course, guitars – as the span between the writing times period and the final recording to be released as the album concept took almost five years in complete.

   Within the further influences from The Rolling Stones, Frank Black and Rufus Weinwright for the ten songs filler on Bluesy, Alternative Indie Rock and Folk-Rock critical parts gone seminal by the great choice of sound-effects and simplicity with higher techniques as well leading us to listening over Pigeon, Fits, Bore Me, Anchors, Cadillac as well as Hellbent – in such softer offending to be concluded by its powerful smart lyrics and themes made by a brain full of ordinary guy; for artistically speaking on themselves.