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Tumor Anomalies (Bizarre Leprous Productions 2016)

   The lab leaving in a riot hurry as screaming and shouting covers the malfunction of the loose gas of new bacterial virus mixture creation infecting most of the patients and the scientists and the middle class workers where things turned to chaos as Grindcore and Death Metal brutally abusing the listeners as the attacks on living healthy humans by the infected creature known as the living dead zombie – flesh eating horde under the company of sick sick sick bulldozing guitars and Vaginal Diarrhoea pitch-shift gory machine as your last days of humanity on that place.

   Rotting Paradise is the album which not surprisingly, presenting the best of destructible force on the natural planet universe which is mankind themselves – poisoning the environments, playing god and making experiments to erasing the populations down to the lowest level before all things begin again. The hyper fast biohazard causes and Hymen Holocoust cover of Virgin Surgeon; Stored in Acid, Scary Haemorrhage, Morgue Party, Patient Zero and Chainsaw Whirl blistering the horrific tales of the undead moaning and out of the dark hunger bites on your flesh !

Rotting Paradise: