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Triumph Astral (Katoptron Records 2016)

   Symphonic Black Metal with Athens’ melodious Occult and fiery taste to listening as you head-banging through the center of chaotic fast drumming and destructive riffs which come crashing intact like the tidal hellish cursing upon the false of manhood in self-destructs but this one man show movement upon an extreme based personal performance by Orth doing all the lead and rhythm guitars, bass, vocals, storms and invocations over growling mayhem musical. 
The majestic recording To Empyrean Thrones fascinating your awakening dark spirits bursts within For Astral Triumphs, Their Eyes of The Abyss, With The Emblem of The Blackwinged and The Grand Ordeal to the Hour of The Stellarnaut. 

Greetings for those whom loving the anti-religious matters rose out from the total fucking blackness conceived, arranged and performed by Orth or Primeval Mass …

To Empyrean Thrones: