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Tristan Glory (Self-Released 2010)

   Focusing on the movie and trailer music as supplying tracks of international instrumentals company by the Los Angeles – California based with Thomas J. Bergensen and Nick Phoenix joining their force mojo to rote down some of those finest original music scoring and composing more as the formed name for them catches the reality glimpse of epic meaning via Two Steps From Hell.
   Neo-Classical and score staging orchestrations as approved within the twenty-two composing tracks for the Invincible album as the two composers carrying their each tests of making great harmony on a song predictable to amaze your ears with highness quality, good materials and pointed situation being told as the information even before your eyes seeing the imagination magic – one with the audience will be pretty much aware to Moving Mountains, 1000 Ships of The Underworld, Breath of Ran Gor, Velocitron, Protectors of The Earth to Fill My Heart and Infinite Legends – have showing both of Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen correctly, build up their business into the real deals as the durations of tracks reveals the correctness of quality stardom here.