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Tree Doorstep (Grotesque Requords 2011)

   Welcoming the fans for more morbid and weird treats over the sequel gaming fueled on nightmarish wrapped by deceptions as coloring cute homonym protagonist mopped as the saga of Gretel and Hansel 2 game continues.
The appearance of a short smaller girl with yellowed skin and blonde hair in her faded pink dress or unlocked different hats while personality of a smart sensible to innocent loving animals and caring to her family contrast to brother Hansel stupidity occasion and annoyance where they’re lived on a shack in the forest with the verge of starvation and left by the mom. 
Waking the follow-up upon the siblings trails made of stones being stolen by a crow before fell to deep hole and being trapped by the stickman separated from Hansel whose went playing aimlessly with fairies from the woods. 
Gretel must surviving alone but with her intelligence over difficult situation eager to defeats the creature before a dummy stole her face but Hansel and the fairies defeated it as Gretel’s face and soul returned. 
   The next level through a section where Gretel fighting the Nightmare Wolf and managed to escape the woods with Hansel to arrive at a witch house through their power and abilities like tandkerchief, coins, stickman’s arm or simple solutions as you playing this creepy gaming with the "Vaude-Core" experimenting Folk-Art Rock and Industrial instrumental music composed, arranged and played by Jess Gabriell Cron for Gretel & Hansel 2: original Game Soundtrack with the eerie sounds of these title tunes such as Wares Under There, The Woodcutter’s Wife, Pavonine Pond or The Serpent and The Swamp to Old Man Banjo assessing your journey as the siblings through the mysterious world of the unknown things lurked.  

Gretel & Hansel 2 - Original Game Soundtrack: