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Ufloded Zeroes (Hellfyre Club 2017)

   Emotional Rap for Urban contemporary within Art on Hip-Hop as well as Indie Black Music sounds waving the hiss over thus symbolic of slytherin kinds of followers as King Snake shows on the front side of the cover album for Nocando; a Progressive quality beats of Rap labeling as the interconnector for names like local talents: Eagle, Milo, Anderson, Paak, Taurus Scott or Rheteric Ramirez as well as Verbs and The Kleenrz as well as poisonous as Nocando individually, reserved rights to filling the climax on softer and relaxing beats digitally worth and warmth through ER, Only Friend, Patois, 1998 as well as 11 Pounds must be mailed pretty wiser as the lyrics on these eleven tracks available within some individual experiences written perfectly, to giving conscious to others whom listening to this Los Angeles afro-american’s local products.

King Snake: