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Treachery Portrait (Varese Sarabande 2003)

   Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, Ladysmith Black Mambazo choral group and satisfactory composed of instrumental strings music by Trevor Jones and Joseph Shabalala for one of the most successful comic-based action/adventures movie soundtrack of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen starring some of thus legendary names heroes and villains all-gathered in one Victorian era from Allan Quartermain, Captai Nemo, Dorian Gray to Tom Sawyer and Dr.Jekyll traveling from London to the Atlantic sea using The Nautilus submarines for capturing the evil villain terror group led by Fantom and as the story goes slow or fast; the super-heroes must also dealing with their own problems attached within them while one almost the same time saving some parts of he precious world like Venetia from annihilations spreading by the enemy.

   Even after betrayed by Dorian Gray as he stealing DNA samples from every each of his fellow-partners and damaging Nautilus; our heroes keep on moving to confronting Fantom a.k.a Professor Moriarty an evil scientist who wants to ruling the world with terror of his experiments. As The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen bust in the hidden labs and compound on Northern Mongolia and fights Moriarty’s troops by destroying the place which costs Quartermain’s live for being stab and died; the remaining super-heroes like Mina Harker, Rodney Skinner the invisible man or Mr. Hyde buried Quartermain’s body back to Africa as the movie itself honestly, pretty much entertaining with the capturing scene and moments through the soundtrack songs like Dawn of a New Century, Nautilus – Sword of The Ocean, Mina Harker’s Secret to Phantom’s Lair or Storming The Fortress that concluded by Son of Africa where the audience shall witnessing miracle happens – perhaps, for the next sequel.