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Trappingus Parish (Warner Bros. Records 1999)

   Dramatic parts of fantasy/suspends events (yet) eerie thrilling that turns to be sympathetic as the audiences watching the entire film directly adapted from Stephen King’s novel story telling us about crimes and punishment through the minds of character of The Green Mile movie: Paul Edgecomb the Cold Mountain penitentiary supervised officer and his fellow co-worker Brutus, Dean, Harry and Percy Wetmore trying to be acted kindly to their prison inmates while waiting for their time-verdicts to meet the execution schedules by an electric chair shock accepting one strange big black imposing challenged male to custody being convicted of raping and murder on two innocent little white girls. Native-American; Eduard Delacroix on the line for execution as being savagely beaten up and bullied by Percy Wetmore (being a nephew of Louisiana first lady) demonstrating his power over other inmates and fellow officers; broken an inmate’s finger, wickedly stepping Mr. Jingles (Delacroix’s clever mouse-pet) to death as his abusive attitudes sooner be his own damnation on being possessed by evil seeds and shooting the real rapist criminal - William "Wild Bill" Wharton right inside his own cell.
   The strong black guy whom actually, so na├»ve and really kind with bigger heart – John Coffey is having ability for magical healing and helping people in desperate needs just like when the first time heals Paul Edgecomb’s bladder infection by only holding his hand tight and suddenly, all the light-bulbs shattered and breaks before Paul came home and tell the delighted news to his wife and making love to her. The Bop, Modern Classical, Score and Swinging Big Band or Jazz composing by Thomas Newman as directed by Frank Darabont got B.B and Group performing Old Alabama; Billy Holiday’s I Can’t Give You Anything But Love or Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians for Charmaine with lots of Thomas Newman’s compositions instrumental chamber and stage music connecting to the movie such as Boogeyman, Red Over Green, Cheek to Cheek, Condemned Man or Cigar Box accompanying the acts of healing by John Coffey’s supernatural energy to Warden Hal Moores – Melinda as she then being sophisticated healing-up and comes back to normal might looking as shocking as the sabotage on Delacroix’s execution by Percy made him screaming in pain death because the failing soak sponge or the resurrection of Mr. Jingles that loyally lived with the older Paul telling this miraculous story to his second wife after his beloved one died but the curse on them seems to be 108 years as given a gift from John Coffey’s execution moment beyond imagination of any man can predicts. 

As The Green Mile conducts such a mysteriously non-natural causes – kept the luckiest one alive only to see others died before them.