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Trance-Former (Warner Bros. 1999)

   Crashed object fell on a forest of Rockwell, Maine lures an investigation by a local boy Hogarth whom finding out something that ate the transmission lines on the station as a giant robot creature which run off after seeing by Hogarth whom thought that it’s a sputnik satellite that military shot down crashing there. Being then tracking down and finding the robot to be docile and curious to learn to communicate to humans really exciting Hogarth trying to hide the giant inside the barn as he very impressed the robot with superman adventure comics there right after his dinner with his mother.
As one US agent also found out about the crash-site landing as well as the involving of Hogarth tracing them out to town but both Hogarth and The Iron Giant already settling on the ideal place among Dean the beatnik artist’s scrap metal sculptures and junkyard after witnessing sadly a hunters killing a deer. Even one day Hogarth mistakenly activates the giant robot’s weaponry system only by pointing a toy gun on it really concerning Dean while Agent Kent finally, found out about the presence of The Iron Giant and General Shannon Rogard’s military troops soon coming in to town to intercept the possibility of the hostile alien robot while its acting towards weapon by activating its own futuristic advance weapons system as only for self-defense didn’t quite knowing well by the US armed force. Michael Kamen making his tremendous orchestral tracks of instrumentals like usual – telling the story follows as the melodies and tunes strengthen the meaningful science-fiction/comedy-drama with the background due to ninety fifty seven or close by to the movie starring Eli Marinethal or Vin Diesel and Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Aniston – continued the wicked Kent convincing Rogard to start attacking the giant robot while the open-firing tanks and rockets and rifles and bigger guns bombarding The Iron Giant but that thing being protected by its own shield as it fought back and make plenty destructions around the area but also saving kids from the burning roof before crashing; almost vanishing the entire army troops and fleets before reminding by Hogarth’s words about being who ones chose to be self and by choosing superman – The Iron Giant flying up higher to intercepts the atomic bomb from hitting the failed target which is Rockwell, Maine as both blown out in such massive explosive. 
   Tracks like Can You Fix Yourself ?, Eating Art, Bedtime Stories, Hand Underfoot, We Gotta Hide and Space Car leads to the sad conclusion for the giant being honored as a statue; the good happy relationship between Dean and Hogarth’s mom – Annie but the robot really not actually destructed at all – cause the piece of it like the bolts starting to move by itself as well as other parts as far scattered as in Iceland trying to unites again as The Iron Giant makes the audiences felt relieving !