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Torture Flowers (Trisol 2015)

   Compiling adventures from the ultimate self-inflicted project of the Folk-Rock, Modern Classical and further experiments of the worldly issues sound of music making by the man himself – composer Michael Cashmore.
Through the under-disguising of Nature And Organisation blending its powerful progressive basic Avant-Garde tracks per track as the releasing on Snow Leopard Messiah remarkably sending these messages of tunes and divided full albums into more complete recording for the real fanatic fans only to get. 
   From the sub-titles like Beauty Reaps The Blood Of Solitude to Death in a Snow Leopard Winter as well as bonuses being explains here on Wicker Man Song a traditional arranged; My Black Diary with Douglas P on vocals, Tears of An Eastern Girl or A Dozen Winters of Loneliness featuring drummer Slasher, steel guitarist Ian Hodgkiss, spoken vocals by David Tibet or even thus twelve untitled tracks in parts as follows within your ears and instinct to enjoy. 
Finest artworks from designs, sculptures, drawings, images to editing of many kinds embarks the display of the record with a classical sharing missions and reminding people to keeping the earth a nicer place to living with the wisdom carried by your animal spirits guided your path. 

Snow Leopard Messiah: