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Tinman Ready (Elektra 1995)

   Bluesy-Folk semi-legendary singer whose born in Cleveland, Ohio and within her voice of freedom fighter and justice seekers; American Pop-culture music of the ninety-five era should be closely brave enough to stand besides her presence especially after the releasing of her most recognizable album release in this afro-american’s entire career span as Tracy Chapman got New Beginning on one hand and playing the acoustic/electric guitar and arranging great music of sadness tales from the cornerstone of American streets or hearts to illuminates by the blending over those Folk-Rock and Pop-Rock sounds on the other hand – might giving your head nodding while listen.

One shall always remembering the track-listing off this album from Heaven’s Here On Earth, Cold Feet, At This Point in My Life, The Rape of The World or the radio hits that ever-lasts the perfect reminder about this singer for decades via Give Me One Reason. 

A complete finest hour upon the braids-haired musician with conscious like Tracy Chapman …

New Beginning: