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Timotium Goldenhead (Teenbeat 2000)

   Learning to play guitar after the first band project broke-up and meeting new friends sharing the same ideas on similarity musical writings or playing at the wedding as the Pop-tunes Indie group of a girls trio Hot Pursuit consisting on Margaret McCartney (bass, guitar, vocals, autoharp), Ginger Crockett the Jazz-oriented background musician on drums/vocals/keyboards as well as Evelyn Hurley (guitars, vocals, keyboards) as being produced by Mark Robinson – here’s your choice for album before Summer sunshine comes within a blast via The Thrill Department.

Ten tracks for the list commerce a kinds of playful thing reminiscent dearly for the sounds of Jangle-Pop and 60’s influences to independent activist female themes as daily local due the performance via Mousetime USA. Tobin Gets a Bonus, Mail Call, Why Married ? and Revolutionary War Song might separating those commercial women from the tough millennium girls quickly !

The Thrill Department: