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Tightwire (Not On Label 2016)


The Scots of Goth-Rock group consisting a trio of Omega Prime, Alpha Prime and Gothzilla choose to naming themselves by the distorting mid-tempo blasters as Gothzilla – simply but never holding hands to commercialism yet. You may finding to see them looking alike gothic-rocking version of Motorhead in the lower voice thumping the intense beat shows via the sharpening guitars, rhythmic drumming and glam-hatred lyrics about the infamous world keeping the unique ideas down. Catharsis would be the debut album from them ordering the listeners to hail and bow or stepping away from their presence – coming in medium treble bringing troubles through Perfect Lie, Falling Down, Will You As I ?, The Box, The Vow onto Today is a Good Day to Die might changes your instability minds to decided whether you wanted to continuing life or ended it quietly ?