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This Is How We Roll (Columbia 2005)

   Being just one of your most infamous WCW professional wrestler doesn’t mean there’s no more talents left for the man also known to be a one hell of a Rapper and actor born in West Newbury, Massachusetts (USA) as John Felix Anthony Cena and for his free timing as well as the consequence to spreading more attentions of the massive fan-based onto his professional career on WCW; the big-tough and funny guy himself tag-teaming with Tha Trademarc on the making for their releasing record of favorite music to share to the world via Hip-Hop and Black Music lyrics flown raps through the chosen title of You Can’t See Me as the words written and sang for telling the global that John Cena the marine-man is here not just as a champion but an entertainer as well which at least, showing quite good over this project songs filling the rhymes through-out Summer Flings, Just Another Day, Mae It Loud, Keep Frontin’, Flow Easy, We Didn’t Want You To Know and Running Game as well as Chain Gang is The Click must staying alive to be promoted as all time hits according to your John Cena best years wrestling world, ya’ll !

You Can't See Me: