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This City Swallow (Clan Destine Records 2017)

   Five recording self-written songs that basically, torn apart itself by the sorrow Goth-Rock and orchestral strings arrangements with the blended Electronic/Post-Industrial/Ambient experiments did much sinful made creatively creepy by Nicole Carr as they’re can be seen or looked via the front cover fully meaning in non-abstracted mini-album limited edition of Unmasking The Wound which may never healing anymore after bleeding and slowly ripped or rotten as the musical drowning deeper inside the darkness levels atmosphere like you can choose to privately, becoming your exact tunes for a planning of suicidal acts somewhere hidden on an old building through the woods or a ritual presented to the goddess of destruction as spilling own blood is allow by the performance tunes like Mirrored Flame 07:22 or Sanguine 05:44 or Linger 07:27 and the piano plays buried your light of day and living soul to be surrendered to soft death by the quirky strange beats plus a dreadful smile.

Unmasking The Wound: