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Thicker Blood (Drumset Music Works 2015)

   Beatnick Dee is a Hip-Hop producer whose Bay area born but (then) moved and raised in Somerset – England before coming back to LA as being known for his good works and sampler dealer producing many names in the Hip-Hop/Rap Music names artists like Ras Kass, Cali Agents, Vinnie Paz to LMNO and one who loves his materials might also getting connected within his via the main full length recording of himself experimenting and mixed the rest of all onto this quite technical and sophisticate album called – Creative Medicine (might related Dorian Gray-based urban talks). Featuring Caschus King (Fka Co$$) over Ketchup & Mustard onto Burning Clouds; Dynas on Truth, Pheo features for Luxurious Rain as well as This Ain’t a Love Song featuring Yung Miss or Never Looked Back featuring Big Twins may causing your roof really fucking on fire and the sets thrown to the air like we don’t care kind of shit over these futuristic variable of parallel Old School style to the newest Alternative mojo fixing as being read not shown but actually, Beatnick Dee is our talented white guy !

Creative Medicine: