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T’hesites (Self-Released 2010)

   An extra sounds for sensational sexy hot female attractive vocals interacted to your definitive listening moment comes crossing them – these Electro-Pop Euro-Techno and Indie-House troublesome duo outfit from Switzerland like the enclosing straight Pop-cultural attacks via the radio station or broadcasting system through the nations by the heights of Alpen loves; spreading the disease beats and fur-undie invitation as the distracting portrays which easily blending your old Disco-rama and New Wave attitudes into a brand new dance-anthems to fight the commercial company using children as a full time worker with lowest payment – kinds of subversive acts into Blondie/Goldfrapp culminating efforts musical performance within a joke for Fijical as the album title makes a low wi-fi connection stop being an important consideration later – let the music plays and the seductive female voice and mid-tempo record of Disco releasing you from the stressed-out noisy crowds via Come Back To bed, I Need A Flash, Here We Are, Faiblesse, Just Name One, Physical and Black and White (Fiji Remix) – may stronger licking your balls and nuts in a total arousing by standard …