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Theme Music (Creature Features 2001)

   Parts of a television movie that originally called Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature but later on as the cinemax paying tributes to American International Pictures; directed by Sebastian Gutierrez and having the background musical compositions by David Reynolds above the title on Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature motion picture of the includes of Jim Thatcher, French Horn as the soundtrack personnel performing the instrumental music over this old tales back to the early nineteen hundreds following the mystery and nightmarish story-telling of two carnies Angus Shaw and wife Lilian “Lily” meeting with Mr. Woolrich on the offering ride home tld them about whole documented sightings for the mer-people including the map of the creatures – The Forbidden Island with the legends about how they can transforming to human form during the full moon then reveals the fact that there’s one being captured inside his admiral days tragic story about how the mermaid attacking his wife and killed her on the same place he kept it alive.
Inside the giant glass box aquarium-like then Angus and Lily found out that their astonishing natural imaginations and feeling to have displaying the mermaid (Rya Kihlstedt) in a freak attraction lean onto their breaking-in to the house been caught but instead, kills Mr. Woolrich by sudden heart-attack with their crew Bailey and Gifford – then taking the mermaid with red-haired beauty to be smuggled aboard their ship to the American voyage. Little less thrilled and brilliant ideas from her husband putting Lily inside the jeopardy of the best ill-fated matters during the voyage it’s that the mermaid with half of her fishy creature tails seems to be interesting to Lily’s presence around her. 
   One of the crew – Miles trying to have his drunken slight chance for violating Lily’s privacy one night but then being somehow stalked by the mermaid whom went out mysteriously from her water tank and feasting the bad guy’s flesh and bones; only to show Lily the spitting ring of miles out of her mouth from inside the tank means that the mermaid from She Creature really gets jealous easily when it comes to men trying to do some attempts on Lily explained later promptly. Become possessing by the mermaid soon after she’s trying to free her and being kissed or touched by the creature; almost kill Angus while making love as the story getting further scarier as Bailey whom caught lily trying to releasing the mermaid also being devoured by it but Angus believing that Lily is stressed out and unstable then locking her to a room when she found out that she’s miraculously pregnant cause she used to be barren for years. 
As the angry harassing crew knowing that something really sinister bad happening to their friends on the ship found out that the sailing route is off the course as well causing them to go straight towards the forbidden island as the mermaid reveals her true gruesome looks of a queen monster creature intends to taking all the crew to the lair and feed them to her mer-people. Vicious story ends with the mind-control confession caused by the mermaid, case of suicidal, the stormy weather dragging them all to meet their doom. 
As others being killed but Lily was spared  and found by the passing ship fortnight later; all the questions about what’s really going on facing the refusal on saying anything from Lily in silence.