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The Way (Transistor Music 2001)

   Nu Rock or Hard Rock metallic crew of the trio formed by lead guitarist Shimon Moore, bassist Emma Anzai as adding the initial drumming personnel Chris Mileski as these band from Sydney playing their Alternative Rock style with more distorting Grunge and less-Pop but the mixture between them sounded rightly nice to head-banging on the afternoon exploding by this debut album - Welcome To The Real World.
   One might also recognizing the attempts of putting the Rap-Rock rhythms and color within the performance on Rock Kids while the credential tuning tracks afar within the lyrics and background stories connected to the real rest of rock figures within the thirteen titles like Every Day, Duck Bite, Time Will Pass, Open The Door, Holding Out and Something Different – as your favorite male screaming punkish vocals did meant to be knitting the female touches as bass-line and drumming hard process giving the six-strings riff-spells a generating movement to lifted the spirits listeners and the band’s intention to positive goodness !

Welcome to The Real World: