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The Unfamiliars (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 2016)

   Starring Kate Mara and Anya Taylor-Joy proving that a genetic-engineering made of nanotechnology-infused of Synthetic DNA turning successfully, onto a capacity hybrid biological organism with the shape like human girl in similarity but the attitudes and interpretations over morals and dogmas lean the mission for Lee Weathers as the risk-management specialist from Synsect to investigating the progress of the procedural research over this almost perfect humanoid object of the technology creations by all capacity but smarter and quickly grown-up named Morgan; whose her behavior went to aggressive on the late weeks before really interesting to watch.
   Meeting with the team-members led by Dr. Lui Cheng and Dr. Simon Ziegler the attacking event happens when Morgan stabbing Dr. Kathy Griff in the eye then, trying to do something harmful to others really concern the company. The intellect physical appearance and strong abilities to disable normal humans to escaping the secret underground compound located remotely far from crowded density area may turning out horribly – perfect for any of L-9 Project runaway and never be found again must be triggered by the past event where Morgan witnessing the impaled dead deer as psychological related to the little girl brain-cells replacing the wonderful calm acts with the more aware and brutal ones. 
   As the aggressive artificial intelligence subject – Morgan finding herself molested by the screaming psychologist expert Dr. Shapiro as then killed by Morgan within the rest of the lab-members attacked by her because now for Morgan – everyone aren’t friends anymore. Going to the woods but being chased by Lee Weathers as the scoring soundtrack tunes composed by Max Richter follows every steps along with the Science-Fiction Horror behind the glass cell experimented 5 years old Morgan for Magnetic Resonance/We Have a Problem, An Artificial Heartbeat, De Natura Sonoris/Meeting and Dark Matter/Reflection; unleashed her total behavior by strangled her “mother” Dr. Chung, destroying the labs by eliminating the members one by one before Lee Weathers shot her straight to death (and) also shooting the remaining survivals like Menser and Vronsky to erasing witnesses. Hyperophelia to Sketch for a Portrait #2 reveals a reality that Ms. Weathers isn’t pure human as well but one of those test object called L-4 Project.