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The Return To Boston (Decca Records 2005)

   Your quiet small town first got a direct strike from a stormy weather freaky enough as it seems with sudden thundering and lighting deafen the people’s ears while the single father Ray Farrier and his older son Robbie and Rachel separated for good from their mom Mary Ann whom remarried and moved to another city while the horrible event triggering the alien invasion as thus extra-terrestrial intelligent beings coming out from the depth of our own soil with their gigantic tripod monster robots beginning to attacking cities and continents; blazing people with deadly laser gun and taken some others as slaves.
The panic turns the tide for Ray and his family as their town easily devastated by the alien robots attack with thousands casualties as many more escaping in full rioting non-procedures with the army tries to control the situations but fails and Steven Spielberg works of this classic movie story from the original novel written by H.G Wells – War Of The Worlds might be your ultimate last creativity of mankind as we being wiped out by invading aliens where you can experiences the wreckage of passenger planes scattered on the highway, destroyed buildings and clothes of the dead vanishing into thin air or easily floating on the river – so horrific to discuss through this shorter duration movie. Losing his car on a crowded street-fight, unsafe journey to protecting his children as the national guards bombing the entire fields down the hill only to loose everything they’ve got and Ray almost losing his own life and Rachel as the two being lured into a trouble trap shelter place by a maniac guy. 
   The good tunes and composing arrangements accompanying the film as Soundtrack by John Towner Williams and various artists of the orchestrating musical scores really meant a lot for given background to the entire plot since the Prologue begins and followed by The Ferry Scene which is terrible; Reaching The Country, Probing The Basement, Refugee Status, The Confrontation with Ogilvy and Escape From The Basket may pointing your critical minds to the panorama where every single land of the rural area is painted red with blood, flesh and strange plants from outer-space before things that seems to be predicted as impossible came back to help mankind survives. 
The oxygen is the key to drove the extra-terrestrial out of this world because they cannot breath outside their life-pods. What a relieving explanatory narration by Morgan Freeman gives us the scientific calmness.