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The Quickening (Enemy Soil 2014)

   Mixed your own crew with so many different attitudes and complex behavior or thus style of lyrics flown singing to the silly question of honoring about who’s better rapping or the fastest one may causing a fractures or even better – a new Hip-Hop group initially conceived with the mind-mastering from names like Vinnie Paz or Jedi Mind Tricks visioning epic proportional values as a bigger family mob-squad hip-Hop-ing altogether as MC’s to producers to DJ’s and more then – kablaam ! Army of The Pharaohs (AOTP) collaboration born since.
   As keeping it real and fresh with many changes upon the formations line-up probability – as the old days to the current era includes some as like Reef The Lost Cauze, Crypt The Warchild, Jus Allah, Apathy, Block McCloud; King Syze onto Doap Nixon and Demoz or King Magnetic uniting the carriers of force together empowering the release of album number four as well the real clear thang Horror-Core Thug-Rap on Heavy Lies The Crown; to be listened up aloud and after that make a great chance because of y.o.l.o brothas. 
   Drowning your conscious to Blood Storm, Serpent King, The Tempter and The Bible Black, Terrorstorm, Conjure The Legions; Sword snd Bullet onto Conversation with a Bullet as well as The Hate and The Blame – asking you for sacrificing the white people as slaves under the black reign – tomorrow ?

Heavy Lies The Crown: