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The Primer (Warner Bros. Records 1997)

   Answering the big ringing question of man’s existence by looking up the sky and asking about – is there any other life-forms out there in the universe or we just created mysteriously, alone by god ? As written by James V. Hart and Michael Goldenberg as being directed by Robert Zemeckis based from Carl Sagan novel; the Scientific film of searching, receiving and decoding those conclusive radio transmitter signals sending by some kind of intelligent aliens resulting the giant planning of building a machine design which related to the event for time-travelling or a gate to crossing universal dimensions for mankind historic tales. A biggest discovery for humanity ever as the chosen astronomer Dr. Ellie Arroway proceeding her once-a lifetime career to doing this historic moment due to her credible works so far but discredited harshly by the superior leading figure on National Science Foundation (NSF) that those extra-terrestrial evidence of map-plan codes as deep space message arrived; the years in building for the machinery giant portals causing expensive amounts of larger money to fund and supporting its developments. 
Contact might be one of thus sci-fi drama that qualifies back from the nineties to entertaining your curiosity on finding proves for alien existence and scientific explanations about time-travel journey process – all being discussing widely here. As the first attempt fails there’s always be the second plan-b and even when you already succeeded like Dr. Arroway did for only several minutes; NASA and the government’s military still denies it from happening but some one knew including Dr. Ellie that she already experiencing what kinds of event – no words can explaining as she went speechless for awhile before startled to reports everything inside her transportable dimension wandering for about 18 hours top recorded video with the one conclusion of meting her dad somewhere on the parallel universe-beach-shore like paradise with wiser words spoken and the related laws of physics has been broken as the scoring music over Alan Silvestri’s works there for Contact Soundtrack filling the orchestral tunes of Media Event, Heart Attack, Really Confused, Test Run Bomber, Good To Go, Button Me Up and No Words showing us the silent conversation conversions within truth reality, hidden proof and tough conspiracy to make things a secret for a greater good ?