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The Power Of Now (Self-Released 2017)

It’s like a retirement house for dysfunctional artists from France and you try to guest else where around the planet becoming a group with project purposes on together offering on New Wave Electronic, Ambient sound beats  and influenced roots from many experiences as this movement of composing multiple musical productions, graphic and fashion designer, break dancer-ballers as well for sound engineers unites as a fun traveling the world within versatile visions and reachable infinity not defined as who they’re but listening to many types of music to bare and recorded as We Are Leopard.
Thus Future Bass Turntablism as well the geometric logo spreading like sound-waves within the Dance-Electronic musical performance throughthe debut record on 91oz featuring Last Night, For Myself (feat. Shaday) as well as K.O, Fog Her and Let Go. 

The ignitions of mixed a seminal Dub-Step with more Electro experiments truly would soundtrack-ing the deleted scene of time travels about your own free-space not the vacant club.