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The On Line (Self-Released 2017)

   The forming duet for silly Rock-show of Indie-Pop and Grunge-Rock formats from the hailing place called Whitehorse, Yukon as the music performance by them both off Soda Pony; batch of tunes – small town home-coming back drop onto humorous mix as well as tales rocking ages which proceed the displaying of an old picture of their favorite dork teacher or the love so strong cannot be erased even for decades shows for the great choices on tunes with standard style and medium tempos releasing through Sophomore – the musical record. Listen while relaxing or drink for the afternoon failure over Red Planet adventure; Captain’s Log which is not just about ahab, Motel 6 that must be inspired by The bates onto Hall and Oats which truly showing that the duo loves them so much; don’t smile. As Fireplace Channel or Dirtbike didn’t came out to keeping you Dancing don’t be afraid cause once you realized that sometime Soda Pony miraculously, sounded closer to the teenager version of Audioslave ?