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The Monk (Massacre Records 2013)

   Once in a blue moon kinds of chance for having this type of great double female vocalist fronting the Symphonic Goth-Metal band like your influences over Kamelot, Epica, Finntroll and Within Temptation becoming one in a package which Carmen Lorch and Mareike Makosch leading the vocals with drummer Mats Kurth and many guests and musicians such as Anny Maleyes, Oliver, Pinu’u Remus onto Fabian Merkt or Aria Keramati Moori as Coronatus carries on their sailing melodic and harmony in-between tidal waves and epic journey into heavier musical of South Germany non-popularity upon this fifth album releases over Recreatio Carminis shaping the Symphonic Rock symbolic arts rocking farther and thus three beauties might nailing your interests as well before listening the real songs of the tales on four season romantic themes like Towards Horizon, In Meinem Reich, Der Gesandte, Sternenstaub, Winerrosen or Schwester – tearing down the scripts or staring to the changing of weathers these days as the smells of stranger would make your hunger rises …

Recreatio Carminis: