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The Manifest (Independent 2015)

   Black Metal raw-energy of satanic both and evil delivering of crusher music from these Limburg of The Netherlands crew which written self absolute worshiping over darkness, death, anti-christianity and the meaningful of the band’s name Dood – really means death/dead suits the rhythmic and the bashing blasts of screaming vocals and vengeance atmosphere over the noose in the front cover picture performed by the trio metallic-heads extremist Gnoom (drums), Ynzir (all guitars), Drahcir (vocals) as calling their psychotic rawest Black Metal manifesto with the closer harmony singing tunes for the death resurrects as Liberating Self Destruction commencing its listed track-tunes over these seven hell-music and deader-mask-painted armor within the double pedals gridding sounds via Beyond The Void, Dopamine, Silence or Ab Insidiis Diaboli making the ritual progress connected right and the blade shall stab to penetrates the virgin’s chest – spilling blood for the satan’s cheers smile or hanged to death by bad fate.

Liberating Self Destruction: