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The Leap (Playfalse Records 2013)

   Go sticking your own eyes and making them blind as the rest of your living hell promises or self-righteous fell to earth like those broken freedom of doing the right things while the edgy music noises path scarring the walls of the surroundings as your pleasure sense turning to bewildering crazy and runs amok in riots.
That would exactly, describing the entire world of our modern realm that fixed to be damaged more worse than before as the haves reliable on enslaving the have-nots and the ruling class kept the middle and lower casts under the mind-controllable power tools of despair but the panorama of the collapsing economy and social-politics seems to be just bargaining matters to sell or bought by the highest dealers. Nath-Core and Post-Hardcore productive group of Athens, Greece – Revenge of The Giant Face comprising on Stathis, Giannis, Alex, Jason and Thanos truly coming by their rage anthems to make everything important to the riches destroyed pretty well but the growling vocals or the blasting head-banging grooves may also lifting the area where culture clashes sometimes making a good selling point sensation as well. 
   Via this releasing of boost-extreme-gasm noises of Actione, Velocita, Terrore, Suspenso, Romanza! Being blind didn’t actually, makes you weaken. Remembering the legends of Samson destroying the establishment culture by the strength even though he must also sacrificing himself ? 
... That’s what being carried through Returning Home, Alpha Wolf, Unsafe and Rack N’ Ruin tension really means !