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The Happy Stick (Independent 2017)

   Maybe the real name of this piano/keyboards tuning basic solo project on Indie-Pop Rock and Alternative Music sounds via The Liberty Tubes might be just a standard guy born as Andrew Lasswell (?) or not but once you hearing the musical rhythmic beats and thus catchy player-performance disguising secretly hideous maybe not as the front cover sketch of giant land tortoise like the one type living in Galapagos or other magical places – the clever choice for giving this recording release entitled Natural Selections must be (once again) a very smart moves made by the infiltrating idea maker person behind the album arranging sounds and the artistic simple but not too cheaper songs like I’ve been Had, Saiosexual Way, I’m Gonna Farm Greenland, With Their Own Eyes, Blindin’ onto Chameleon, Worms or Crackie; really sharing the tasty waves of harmony melodic tunes made off Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – hopefully, not as a rare national product and harder to find later next years …

Natural Selections: