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The Conclusion (Varese Sarabande 2009)

   A dramatization of a thrilling documentary on science-fiction involving several individuals with the basic real events footage materials mixed with filming about the close encounters classification with alien beings as thousands reported possibly been abducted every year around Nome, Alaska area. The cold permanent weather and unfriendly place occurs to become the most lesser-known spot of The Fourth Kind encounters and abductions of America but the undergoing hypnosis therapy and the rest of evidences legally denied by the governments including the missing of a little daughter of psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler whom also one of the victims as well. As the story goes with an occur horrible event of the murder of Abigail’s husband Will mysteriously in his sleep – the woman must keep continuing to raise her two children alone as the program that she conducts on several local patient cases related to an abduction remains absurd. The stories are mostly sounded the same with the blurred vision about the own eyes and the stopping of time; distorted electro-magnetic to the blinded light and opening door by something invisible – happens to make one victim panic and shooting his family and gone suicidal while Dr, Abigail herself also experiencing the same menace event of happens to be strange dream-like conditions where one cannot move or see clearly what’s happening around them. The hypno-therapy later then slowly begin to reveals further details about the white owl staring actually, wasn’t like what they’re expected plus the evidence of broken video clips but approval tape recording for some patient got into some kinds of trance status and they’re bending their bodies onto the abnormal situations almost breaking the vital bones as the tongue spoke unknown language or words soon being helped to observe and researched by Dr. Abel Campos from Anchorage as well as Dr. Owolowa Odusami the ancient-language specialist found the dreadful meaning of some words spoken in ancient Sumerian as interpreted by the team. The tragic parts when the abduction of Dr. Abigail’s daughter Ashley with an eye-witness deputy whom didn’t have a proof but his own story because the camera broke and nobody believes the alien involving to the missing person case. Another horrific hypnosis-therapy attempts to make the creature explaining the mission and the aims as about their activity on mankind as for the unfortunate Ashley never to returning back enclosing the movie as the soundtrack scoring for (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) composed and compiles by Atli Orvarsson leave the chilling parts over the audience while watching The Fourth Kind. The ambient  experimental themes on Completely Surreal, They’re Not From Here, Flight to Nome, Torn Apart or Northern Lights – were all affecting your intriguing minds about the truth and the real possibility offenses the reasonable thoughts for this case.