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The Bloggernaut (Self-Released 2017)

   Indie-Metal, Punk-Rock, Thrash Metal Hardcore or Arena Heavy Metal bashing out of Boston, MA reality on the bus riders through the compositions of Ben Katzman (lead vocals, lead rhythm/lead bass guitars), Alex Garcia-Rivera on drums; Mario Cianci (lead guitars), Izzy Latarola (rhythm guitars) and Andrew Baldizon (vocals, drums) as being self-engineered not far away for our distant future machine musical beast blasting tempos like the freight trains carrying dynamites ready to blown up the nearest town celebrating the fall-down of human society point of views and values by these curated protest lyrics and sleazy hardcore type modulation rampage sounds within the vibrant speed spinning metallic backbones available through the releasing record of half parts of Guns N’ Roses on drugs and half-parts of dying Metal meets Punk resurrection under the glamour piece of pie under the title album – We Bled To Shred. 
As the D.I.Y artworks and the music making smells like the real thing blistering harder over Shred II: Dimunition, Permanent Chill Zone, Arrival, They Live! And all those shitty talks about freedom, liberty and equals as fake fuckers as sucks hoax news read again and again on your television night reports. 

Rock N’ Roll needs to spilling blood of the dumb-asses and the haves before being free at last !

We Bled To Shred: