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The Arctic Circle (Not On Label 2018)

   “The Woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I Have Promises to Keep … And miles to go Before I Sleep.” – Robert Frost piece of artistic works inside one conceptual album escaping your painted imagination to isolation within the depth region for Far Eastern Siberia as dark and edgy cold but melodious haunting or creepy by the tones ensemble of a one man project through his Black Metal mentally sickening but brilliant as Sadistic Blasphemer did all the performance of musical live instruments such as drum+synth programming and vocals as completed with the production, layout and composing lyricist; for the one he calls Sardonic Wrath. This Hemmingway’s inspired influence for the photographic icons and works of adventures – A Journey of Ice Towards The 180 th Meridian album shows the honorary reason but not the extreme music products which stays the same by the raw, aggressive and non-compromising values blitzkriegs out the stereo. Prey upon thus elements that blasting the scarier tempos and aspects of disturbing guitar solos and drum-machine of death arrives with To Chukotka comes out for about eleven minutes and fifty-six seconds; Elgygytgyn leaves you restless under the seven minutes; twelve seconds or (The Moon Overlooking) The Chukchi Peninsula lasted short as goodbye is a dangerous taste to our mind – being possessed by the unholy music and blasphemous attitude tracking down thus fake religious fanatics living inside the toilet septic-tank.

A Journey of Ice Towards The 180th Meridian: