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Terry Gilliam Day (Mattress Fort 2016)

   Raleigh – North Carolina duo of Christopher Grubbs the drummer and Catie Yerkes the vocalist/guitarist trading their same alchemy not as the flock of seagull fans only but more than that – turgid complexity for The Pixies influenced on distorting Prog-Rock tunes and Pop predictable fashion music with thus bites of dissonant drilly humorous and thick-textures penchant lighter-heart-ness simplicity on The Middle as well as impressive female vocals that won’t make you dance but Naked Naps amazingly, would sharing their interesting Pop-stuff bouncing air-guitar or sing-along anthems with no hands holding the bicycle going through an empty road at midday. 
   Eight songs written and arranged pretty well even though tracks like Graham’s Cat David Byrne, Doug Funny’s Closet to the opening song with infamous long title – Eisenhower You Are The Father of The Interstate Highway System gives this Indie-Emo or Grungy Garage-Pop the critics they’ve deserved well for the good works independently. 

The Middle: