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Te Quiero, Dijiste (WaterTower Music 2010)

   As one or more audience whom loving American drama movie with silly romance and suitable situations must be recommended to watching this film – a related events scenery facing reality as some dreams may come through being ture while some might not but not this one with so many characters filling up one possibility ends for happiness and loving forgiveness or not but even the kinkiest still might be sensually, attractive to see as Liz Curran (Anne Hathaway) turns out to be moonlighting sex-phone operator for paying her student loan in fact making her boyfriend Jason upset but reconciles back after experiencing Edgar and Estelle – the long marriage troubles old couple deeply accepting each other back or it’s like babysitter Grace Smart (Emma Roberts) planning of lose the virginity to boyfriend Alex Franklin as well as a gay pro-football player Sean Jackson contemplates the end of his career with his publicist and agent Kara Monahan and Paula Thomas on hating Valentine’s Day but fell to interesting relationship with reporter Kelvin Moore whilst the other story cases like the proposal of a florist Reed Bennett to his girlfriend Morley Clarkson turned out to be a disster as she left him few hours later but it’s no surprise for Reed’s best friend couple Alfonso and Julia about it or a US Army captain Kate Hazeltine (Julia Roberts) accidently, met a limo-driver Holden Wilson in Los Angeles airport while in waiting to get back home soon in short-time and perhaps, maybe as the soundtrack favorable tunes here really put in such amazing lovely as the background centralizing the rest of the puzzled story telling would be as sweeter as Today Was a Fairytale, Say Hey (I Love You), I’m in a Mood for Love, On The Street Where You Live or more famous artists variously granted your listing songs like Jools Holland/Jamiroquai, Willie Nelson, Sausalito Foxtrot, Stay Here Forever by Jewel, Cupid (Deluxe Edition Version) from Amy Winehouse onto Ben E. King’s Amor as well as Joss Stone, Anne Birch to Taylor Swift or the legendary Nat King Cole – making this V.A Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Valentine’s Day worthy just a listen or your movie time fulfilled with eccentric romance not being jealous anymore seeing other couples.