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Tail Battle (Varese Sarabande 2010)

   Where the story-telling for your (soon would be) favorable animated action film with the background of a remote Viking village of Berk that used to be hating dragons for stealing livestock and then being hunted by the war-party led by the chieftain Stoick The Vast but not like everyone else around, the skinny son of the chieftain Hiccup rather be interested to the machinery devices as being an apprentice to the blacksmith. One time the fate making him meet the rare hunted breed of dragon – a Night Fury which actually dangerous but later in the forest Hiccup finds it actually quite nice and tame to play instead to be kill and since then they’re becoming friends and practicing to fly together. While on the other hand, Stoick already assembles his fleet army to raiding the original dragon nest but Hiccup and Toothless his dragon got attached really close now as he studying its behavior, guided the dragon free flight as well helping to build harness and prosthetic fin as secrets.

   When a strong Viking girl named Astrid found out about Hiccup’s hidden pet but since Hiccup convincing her to ride along on Toothless and did some fantastic maneuvers up the sky high – they’re starting to trusted the dragons just like the movie title on How To Train Your Dragon. Amazing and fun with the rest of the background instrumental tracks being composed by John Powell as the relationship between man and dragons with the raiding to the dragon’s lair gave everyone the truth about Red Death – the gargantuan dragon who loves to eat cattle and smaller dragons while controlling them to stealing on the same time. The Dragon Book, Wounded, See You Tomorrow, Test Drive and This Time For Sure onto Counter Attack and Jonsi’s song of Sticks & Stones did providing the epic fights within the giant monster with the help from Hiccup and his friends and their brave dragons flight destroying the evil dragon and preserving trust on Stoick and other elder Vikings to start training their pet dragons as well.