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Syzygy Incipience (Nuclear Blast Records 2010)

   Jamming heavier, faster or fully a fuckery style combinations; the double pedals of fury and thus wrath commencing demolition riffs continues to excites your hearing sense if you’re the real Noise-Metal monger by the progression tremendous plays by the Saint Paul’s crew of The Crinn which contains of Chad White, Chris Zugschwert, Cole Leonard and John Nelson the audience their metallic disturbance affiliations through the prologue of early Space-mystery of void-effects over living flesh process in Thrash Metal Progressive within the outstanding performance of high techniques or growling screamo-vocalization among the sorrow themes going louder as deafen the entire community as this providing tales of sound-breaking threats over Voluptuous Eruptions, Anaphylactic Shock onto Meat Eating Machine and Lucid Dream Field as these songs thrown the reality story over your Heavy Metal allegedly recording of Dreaming Saturn with the dark magic-tinged and cult-history basic related tunes and written lyrics carries the curses of ages onto now as the new millennium promised you nothing but extinction.

The Crinn's Dreaming Saturn: