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Swimming Dinner (Varese Sarabande 1999)

   Black Lake of the Aroostook County, Maine – the accident case of marine fish and game officer got bitten in half by unseen creature underwater leading the researching and investigation carried out by mythology professor Hector Cyr, history paleontologist Kelly Scott, officer Jack Wells and sheriff Hank Keough with them also encountering several strange things happened like the decapitates boats, rotten moose head even burke’s head – one of the sheriff’s missing deputy only to get the horrific answer as the attacking grizzle bear dragged onto the water by a salt-water monster-croc right in front of them. As the evacuation started through the lake area and all tourists must leave for temporary times; the team tries some ideas to lure the giant water beast and entraps it before too late.

   Lake Placid is the fictional monster/horror movie which related to the answering amphibian/reptile’s terrors to your head. John Ottman works well on providing the soundtrack on Lake Placid (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) through thus materials like Making A Move/Jack, Here He Comes, Scouting, Reluctant Passengers as well as Morgue/Scary Beaver following the horrified events of croc chasing and dangerous diving attempts; cow’s bait as the croc goes beached and attacking on the water’s edge with surprisingly, more than one beasts showed up. 

You know that there’s no such happy endings when an old lady keep feeding and nurtures more baby crocs left on the lake …