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Sue Run Around (Varese Sarabande 1991)

   An action-comedy film from the early ninety-one era which contains much of those hilarious scenes brought by the dueling stars starring for John Badham directed movie The Hard Way – with Michael J. Fox and James Woods as a famous b-rated crime action movie star whom is spoil, pampered and rich-type elegant Hollywood raised Nick Lang needed to pursue his complete character for the new movie by attempting to be an actual cop in daily works as the partner for cynical Lieutenant John Moss whom already had a case to stop and captures a serial killer known as The Party Crasher from ensuing chaos, murdering innocent people and other serious threats to society while NYC major David Dinkins pulls the one and only Nick Lang – as well as also the police captain Delroy Lindo’s favorite movie star to be joining the investigation with John Moss – who hates the entire guts of Nick “the fake actor” but cannot help it to go around town as their investigation begins.
   One will feels like this film generating the good detective movie as well as a funny and silly story about case solving by the process which contains Arthur B. Rubenstein composing music on the track-lists such as He Dead/She Dead, Where Have You Gone L’Ron ?, Transit Authority, Circue Du Parte Crasher or Chetto A La Hollyweird consolidating the fully loaded laughable sarcastic conversations to the fumbling moves that almost killed John or Nick several times as well the romance process of Moss’ juggles relationship with a girl named Susan while a good damn joke on abandoned Nick inside the dark building by Moss fellow cop-friends only send the revenge of The Party Crasher whose not liking to see John Moss commenting bad about him and his works and calling him sissy leads to the kidnapping of Susan by The Party Crasher but Nick arrived back from the airport to help saving Moss and Susan’s life by taking the bullet while The Party Crasher finally, fell to his death while fighting John Moss. 

The new movie starring Nick Lang premiered and attends by the couple Moss and Susan seeing how all his original lines being taken by Lang for The Good, The Badge and The Ugly. 

Ha Ha !