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Studio Line L’Oreal (Parlophone/EMI 1986)

   The insanity breed off the sex-trading between Punk-Rock and New Wave Disco martial lawsuits over the demanding mainstream actions for any kinds of softer side and modern rocking form the rawest side of Punk Rock plus the addition on Dub-Music beats effects shall built something strong and strange on the same time like this Cyber gang of Russian street-inspiration for Electronic Punk-Dub Rock and Roll band of the New Wave genre sensation. The coloring hairspray-ed futuristic Mohawk introduced by these British crew with Chris Kavanagh, Martin Degville, Neal Whitmore, Tony James or Miss Yana Ya Ya and Ray Mayhew establishing Sigue Sigue Sputnik did affecting more young kids and stray teenagers to following their trends of dressing-up with the make-up just like the newest reborn of New York Dolls over dope and Dub.
   The first recording album fueled by Synth-Pop and Disco-Rock entitled Flaunt It really putting Electronic Music back to the charting line-up as being recognition back by the media and the company – profiled as one of thus money making music genre since like Advertisement: Network 21, Sex-Bomb-Boogie, Atari Baby to Massive Retaliation or She’s My Man telling the dense absurd blurry modern system changes the globe over a decade by destroying music and rebuild it up again with the heroic animated Japanese robot tinged figure and many spying satellites.

Flaunt It: