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Strongest Friendship (Capitol Records 1992)

Fictional Pop-Rock modern band characters and career for the television series with a famous title back in the nineties as The Heights which starring Jamie Walters, Camille Saviola, Alex Desert, Charlotte Ross and Zachary Throne with Donelly Rhodes and many more as the middle class youngsters regular daily day drama of their lives as substantial as intrigue possible to gaining interests among teenagers and MTV fans reacting to the lifestyle programs and dreams on becoming stars as struggling harder and much imbalance of pleasure nor pain happens along the way to success carried pretty well by the group’s journal series of story-tales on this musical drama. 

Within the package of Music From The Television Show “The Heights” soundtrack album brought their own radio hits via thus products blending for AOR, Blues Rock and Pop-Rock softening hour which spawning good tracks like Rear View Mirror, I’m Still on Your Side, Children of The Night, Battleground, Natalie and the big chart-buster single: How Do You Talk to an Angel – really strikes down the reality bite out of several new generation of America along with the problems unsolved and more things to faced on the nearest future; complicated and absurd but keep going on should be the best way to moving on through this !

Musical From The Television Show - The Heights: