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Story Stone (Les Disques du 7eme Ciel 2015)

   As the naming project under the terms of those acoustic Medieval Folk on Psychedelic Acid-pagan and Wyrdfolkish experimental pottery as In Gowan Ring but perhaps, irresistible sounds comparison to taste by the ordinance of fans towards The Serpent and The Dove characteristic values music performance by George Borner (viola, nyckelharpa), Emma Skemp (baroque flute, voice), Iida Ojanpera on oneiric observation wit the leader main-master the multi-instrumentalist player and idealistic profiled Bobin Eirth – performing voice, spanish guitar, piano, dulcimer, oboe, bells, drums, jaw harp, electric guitars, bowls and specters within his animism elements creating this predominantly individuals synchronized available collective revolving friends to help him in the making of this recording.
One might calmly, listened through the slow-motion-less and faithful generous touches within the emotional captive blends over te songs of Thousands of Bees, Sial At Play, Julia Willow or Set A Candle in The Night came like a hallucinating lit leaping on extra hope blurred by the haze falling down the rural grass-field in the evening cold. 

The Serpent and The Dove: