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Stanchion Skydive (WaterTower Music 2015)

   San Andreas fault is the transforming of continental extending through roughly over 1.200 kilometers over California as the form of tectonic boundary between pacific plate and the north American plate as the right-lateral strike slipping horizontal causing massive earthquake triggers the 7.1 magnitude disaster along Los Angeles to San Francisco as the LA fire department air rescue pilot Raymond “Ray” Gaines whom getting divorce with his wife caught in the middle of it while planning his trip with her daughter Blake and the predictable event and ruptures also hitting Hoover Dam where Caltech seismologist Dr. Lawrence Hayes escaping the destruction but losing his colleague Dr. Kim Park. Ray then being calls for rescue duty while Blake went to her mom’s boyfriend Daniel Riddick in San Francisco.
There meeting Ben an engineer from England with little brother Ollie – lucky enough on surviving the first earthquake attacks devastating most of the building around the city; while Ray makes an emergency landing to save Emma – his wife on a shopping mall in Bakersfield as the results of the opening up San Andreas fault came across an old couple exchanging their airplane to Ray’s truck as the story continues. 
   Andrew Lockington stage and screen soundtrack compositions of the instrumental tracks as the background music for this American disaster movie brings the various felt of feelings accordance to the tunes for most thrilling, suspense to those semi-romantic or a climax of disaster happening momentum over the movie San Andreas with numbers of them from Natalie’s Rescue, Connecting The Dots, Remembering Mallory, Plan B, Coit Tower Destroyed to The Kiss, Extinction through I Love You Dad may blending all those corrections or mistakes made by men or things that we build still cannot maintaining all the knowledge predictions and the next worse 9.6 magnitude becoming the largest in the modern history as city left in ruins, more people died or wounded and trapped with Blake, Ben and Ollie struggling their way to get out as the indicating of mega-tsunami approaching. The giant tsunami hits the golden gate bridge straight to the harbor as dozens of cargo ships, vessels and smaller ones with containers on the sea port area all being scattered and swapped by the enormous waves. 
Ray and Emma then manage to saving Blake and the British siblings from being drowned and trapped underwater; as the disaster finally stops – leaving a relief camp, reconciles family, altered landscape changes radically or showing the new peninsula transform into an island of San Francisco. 

Good acting and actions from either Dwayne Johnson or Alexandra Daddario.