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Spike Fall (Fancy Force 2010)


   The ill-brute actions of funny ragdoll platform physics-based on humans in their chosen custom replays, creative and terribly bloodbath disgusting scenes not suitable for little kids to play on Happy Wheels full version may forcing you to give all your gambling situations, skills and guts spilling as always. Controllable as interesting for up-levels in such a period of time amy also causing hilarious laughs, angry shouts and shocking views as the giant spikes, slashing guillotines, arrows and more sadistic way to die for in this game occurs after you had choose your racing gears, vehicles, characters and crossing the starting line.

   The Main Theme of Super Extended one hour loops may be harmful as well on you disguising as the wheelchair oldie, father and baby; kids or regular woman to ragged bums of such; an eargasm and catchy violence scenes within Happy Wheels as the reality about speed is the key or clever versus lucky still occurs on this game.Whether Building Madness, 2 in 1 Don’t Move, Slam Dunk, Pool Diving, Jet Elevator, Epicness from ICA or un-imaginable hard tortures tracks shown here in snaps.