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Spellbound Codec (Glassnote Entertainment Group 2013)

   A tarot card leads the four street magician J. Daniel Atlas, Merritt McKinney, Jenley Reeves and Jack Wilder information from their mysterious benefactor that their first major performance as four horsemen in Las Vegas involving the final trick to draw the account member in credit republicain Paris bank stacked new Euro bills from the vault active into the vents and showering audiences in Las Vegas as the money gone and empty in one farther place moving onto another questioning the FBI agents and Interpol as well as Dylan Rhodes and Alma Dray investigating the suspects leaned to Thaddeus Bradley as the former magician revealing how that super trick been explained to plan by the group and determines by connecting higher command from The Eye as the four horsemen mocks the authority and police departments claims that their real magic is powerful than the meets the eye cheap mind-tricks.
   As the plan kept doing as the escape moves from the four horsemen whom forcing the FBI to arresting Thaddeus as the stolen money from Elkhorn safe with Arthur Tressler’s accounts being hacked as well; the car crashed for Jack brought the numerous fate of document of papers and more great magic tricks that will most – blow your mind on the thriller heist movie Now You See Me starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco with Morgan Freeman and Mark Ruffalo as Brian Tyler compiles the (original motion picture soundtrack) by various artists carrying the tracks titles like Sun (Jesse Marco Remix), Now You Don’t, the song of Indie Rock popular catchy musical on Phoenix’s Entertainment onto Sleight of The Mind or Cineramascope (feat. Trombine Shorty & Corey Henry) concluded at the last scene that Ponts Des Arts witnessing Alma just figured out that Dylan Rhodes is an actual american legendary magician - Lionel Shrike’s son using the four horsemen as his retribution on humiliating and impoverishing acts did by Thaddeus to his father long time ago until his tragic mysterious death and the romance between Alma and Dylan stops to attached among those love locks railing and the Seine reflection.