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Fretless Salsa (Microsoft Studios Music 2017)

   From the Cradle of Civilization (Sick Sate Rittim) at the first beginning to the Singing Bronze Bowls (Polyrhythmic Pong) onto Campaign Intro as well as Mist Along The Nile (String Attack!) or Temple Bells (Slow and Spacious) all the way through the corners of the entire global gaming on personal focus over the history between events on Stone Age to Classical periods; the real-time strategies, the expansions, the medieval to the modern times – all being successfully made completed onto graphics methods and architecture tips by many various choices started made well by the game designer Bruce Shelley for this amazing Age of Empire as a fair gaming to play as one becoming the first settlers whom opening the lands with pitchforks and ancient tools of farming. Smaller size to the bigger ones; soon the empty lands becoming fully develops and well as the civilization grows from time to time turning the needs necessity of humans to be experienced as the era changes with pleasure and painful interests deeply created and ensembles just like Queen of Palmyra (Mean) or Pyrrhus of The Huns (Crawly) or Revolt of Spartacus (Bigelow’s Bungalow). Todd Masten composing his good talents over the soundtrack for Age of Empires Definitive Edition (Original Soundtrack) here as the planning for games also gets improvements just like you dealing with the old ages facing the new challenge on the next era; series of peaceful situations suddenly turn violent as destruction for the farthest points or remote buildings off your town or territory may easily devastates everything to be rebuild again is the risk everyone has taken once they’re starting their own path of civilized society simulations via the game.