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Speaking Oyster (Dischord Records 1992)

   The quartet gives their capitol city duster sounds on the standard fast on socio-political bashing guitar riffs and short distorting solos as this debut full-length album recording consisted of Fire and Sand, Catholic Girl, New#1, Unglued; Stones Throw, Believe, Me and You or Liquid Thoughts truly sending the militant messages of Alternative Rock themes started to let people head-banging as the band members: Alex Daniels (drums), Mark Haggerty (guitar), Eugene Bogan (bass) and Alec Bourgeois (vocals/guitar) off hailing Washington D.C area Punk-Hardcore Pop targets sharing this Acid To Ashes Rust To Dust by the materials written and arranged as taken from Severin’s heads idea; as one can see re-captures the essential revolt mission accomplished by the likes for their own seminal local legends like Bad Brains and the collective steps paths in protesting music by Dr. Know and friends among them.

Acid To Ashes Rust To Dust: